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We are looking for people to inspire, coach and empower for success in their community! 

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Native American Group

We started the firm with the belief that success is obtainable by serving and helping others. Our mission and passion is to show others how to live a successful well-balanced life in real estate while serving the community. We call this the #tribe. Encouragement, growth, and success for all.


We have sold 1000's of homes, helped new agents achieve national awards. In fact, our rookie agents achieved Top Rookie Award 3 out of the last 5 years!  We have been awarded the Navy Federal Spirt Award, the Navy Federal Cutlass Award, BHG Community Award, BHG Diversity Award, and BHG Excellence award.  Our agents have won Regional, National and International awards and recognition. We offer an environment and culture that centers on and promotes family, friends and community. Learn more about the #TRIBE.



500-1,000 LEADS A MONTH

We generate hundreds of leads every month and WE CALL THEM FOR YOU. We set appointments so you can sell homes! We have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Agents who have joined us have closed more deals in 1 year than they have anywhere else in their careers at other firms.


Grow, Prosper, Soar anD thrive Training

National proven coaching training and tools designed to cultivate and increase your business. We take the guessing work and feast or famine cycle out of real estate and give you a blue print for sustainable growth while building your confidence and skills. A network with purpose united by a compassionate culture.


path to profitability and branding 

Better Homes and Gardens is the most relevant brand in real estate. A brand 40mm readers know and love 365 days a year! Access to a database of over 122mm consumers. Value driven brand focused on next generation consumer and real estate professional.



Protecting your most valuable asset: time

We provide platforms, systems, automation, administration assistance, resources and the best training from numerous national coaching forums and master mind groups to give you an opportunity to maximize you career with out sacrificing your family and friends.   The Greenhouse is business central for all marketing, communication, and learning needs.


A brand with a soul and giving attitude

Our tribe philosophy is fueled by a desire to make a difference in the industry and community. We give back and pay forward into numerous non profit organizations that are improving and empowering lives of others in need. We believe passionately that success is measured by how one treats others and to operate in kindness, love and compassion.




Chris Omalley

“I started with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate NAG back in 2012 when we were still Native American Group Realty. From day one everyone accepted me with open arms and were always there to help when I needed it ( which was all the time). They took a chance on me when they started assigning me bank owned assets to manage and sell. Some would say from that day real estate changed my life forever. I went from a job managing a salvage yard making little money to a highly successful real estate agent in just a few short months. My first year as a real estate agent I sold 46 homes which is unheard of in the industry and earned me the title of Rookie of the year for all the Realtors in Hampton Roads and a national title of Rookie of the Year for the whole Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate franchise. Since then I have won many local and national awards over the years and have loved every minute of it. Barry and Susan are hands down the best brokers in the state and it is because of them I am where I am today. I love working for their company where everyone is treated as family and I wouldn't change it for the world. ” -Chris

Craig Head Shot.jpg

Craig Jones

“How do you want to spend your time? As a Realtor, time is always at a premium. Prior to joining Better Homes & Gardens with Susan and Barry, I spent the majority of my time looking for new business. Networking, cold calls, email campaigns, looking for FSBOs. All those inefficient ways we go about finding business. With Native American Group, thanks to their referral systems and marketing tools, I now spend my time selling homes! I am working at those activities which actually produce income. Further, all those sold homes lead to referrals from satisfied clients, which will build business even more. Last year I was able to qualify for the Circle of Excellence. This year, I'm on track to qualify again. Business has increased to the point where I hired my own Transaction Coordinator.  Soon, I will be adding a buyer's agent to my team.  The only thing better than the booming business is the work environment. When you join the tribe, you really feel like family. The brokers have always been available to help with any problem and make sure you have the tools you need. They always make time to share advice and lessons learned. It doesn't stop there. The other agents consistently help with advice and support. If you like spending your time actually selling homes and you are looking for a great team of people to work with, Better Homes & Gardens, Native American Group is the place to be.”-Craig


Erica Midgett

Prior to working with BHG, my real estate career was just OK. On an average day, I went into the office, sat by the phone hoping it would ring, and occasionally it did. I made ok money, and sold an average of 4-5 homes a year. I was told that was pretty standard for being so young and so new to the industry. I didn’t know any better, so I thought I was doing well. 


I have a friend who worked (and still works) with BHG for many years, and I always noticed on social media how many homes he was selling and how well he was doing. I talked it over with my family, and I ended up coming to visit the BHG office, just to see what it was about and meet the brokers. The energy and outlook was a complete 180 spin from where I had been previously. The office felt bright and open, no bull pen! Everyone was friendly, smiling, joking around with each other, and having positive conversations about their business. Upon meeting Barry and Susan and hearing their plans for this firm, I immediately knew I wanted to make a change. 


Since joining BHG about 2.5 years ago, my sales have increased every single year. I sold 28 homes last year. That is a 550% increase!!!! I am busier than I ever imagined, yet still am able to take time with my family. I’m surrounded by positivity, constant training, and administrators who are always there to help. I am excited to see what 2018 will bring to us!”- Erica



Susan Jenkins.jpg

MEET Susan


It all started with a belief and half a kitchen table. The year was 2001 and I embarked on my real estate career working off half of my kitchen table. I knew if given the chance I would be successful and prosperous. However, there were not many opportunities out there in the oversaturated real estate community.  Instead of settling for less, I decided to change the rules and landscape of real estate. I didn't know at the time how this would forever change my life and all those who came along for the journey. The company went from 90k gross commission to now a multi million dollar gross annually company that empowers others for success while giving back to those in our community. What started as a desire to show others how to be successful has now grown into an amazing tribe of people who embrace the importance of family, friends and community while serving others. We call it #TRIBE. The best part...we just keep growing and growing as we focus on serving others. Never give up on yourself and your dreams. Chase the passion not the money and amazing things will happen in your life.  I would love to chat with you on how we can help change your life through real estate.  Dr. Susan Jenkins Principal Broker/Owner